Trius Publishing is a d.b.a. of LearnToSwimProgram.com LLC.

We publish private works of Dr. Pete Andersen, noted expert in swimming instruction and behaviorism. We also publish non-fiction work of vetted authors who provide their own editors and take personal liability insurance in errors and omissions and own their content.  In other words have not borrowed from open source or other authored work.

We provide the ISBN and people to create the book cover and interior graphics for a small fee much smaller than larger publishing houses.

 Our mission is to support good authors of good content to help more people. Most self-published authors are unaware that large publishing houses charge great sums to take your work, edit, cover design, and publish. The typical contract calls for the author to perhaps get a pre-publish commission check as an advance, but they don’t tell you you don’t get another commission check until your book has earned that commission to pay it back.

Then comes the big surprise. Authors are happy to have a contract thinking they will continue to market your book to increase sales. Nope!  After the first month they have other authored books in the hopper. Their marketing team will focus on only them in the next month. So, after the first month you must do 100% of the marketing.  This is why they insist you have a platform and a large email list to market your book for their benefit.

Then comes the fine print. You may or may not own your content to have the ability to go to a better firm to re publish your book even with a slightly different title to get a new ISBN. They own YOU.  And, your contract calls for them to get upwards of 80-90% of the profit from sales while you are doing 100% of the marketing. Seem fair to you?

At Trius Publishing, we reverse this process and guide you through the publishing process. You will pay for your book’s cover and interior graphic design to look professional on a shelf in any public library or bookstore.  We have sub contractors in place to save you this cost and do not charge any commission for this service.

Then instead of YOU getting only 10% of your sales for 100% of your hard work, we provide you with 90% of sales and only take 10%.  Orders are placed directly to our print sources through our website order portal. Of course, you, the author, still get author discounts to purchase your books for sale at your events.

We are a publisher with Ingram Spark and Amazon KDP.   Ingram is the largest book distributor in the U.S. where bookstores and libraries prefer to order directly from them using the traditional process to locate your book in “Books in Print”.  We will upload your e-book and paperback and obtain low-quantity print-on-demand discounted author copies for sale at your events and website.

We are also connected to some of the finest book marketing advisers in the U.S. to help you define your plan.